Anno 1955

Our knowledge and experience guarantees smooth cooperation and best results.

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All about Freight Services

Almost sixty years of experience in transporting and storing goods allows us to offer our customers flawless shipments.

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Mission statement

We are a transport company dedicated to helping our customers be the best at what they do.

Vision statement

We thrive to be an efficient and innovative transport company that provides the best road transport solutions.

Value statement

Reliability. We keep our promises and trust our company’s partners and employees.

Team work. We valueteam work, harmony, and unity in our professional relations. We operate purposefully and engage in beneficial cooperation with our colleagues and customers.

Customer service. We provide our customers with professional, polite, and efficient customer service. We consistently strive to be better at what we do by continuing to learn and adopting a positive attitude towards our work.

Precision. We are precise and punctual in our obligations, work, and customer service.

Honesty. We adopt an honest, responsible, and moral stand in our undertakings and operations. We are just and upright in all our business transactions and relations.

Respect. We respect individual feelings and value everyone’s dignity and self-respect, their time and effort, and their needs in balancing working life and family.

Innovation. We are active, innovative, and open. We harness the best technologies and the best practices to remain to-the-point, efficient, and competitive.

Environmental awareness. We endeavor to promote and ensure environment friendly operations in road transport and use the company’s resources reasonably and economically.

Community. We are active members of the road transport community, sharing information with the community as pertaining to road transport and relevant sectoral developments and establishing opportunities for progeny in the road transport domain.


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